S E C T A S A U R -  B A S E C A M P







Helm of the Elizabeth Swann, Master & Commander John Storm, British Royal Navy, hails the 'KoolArctic' Antarctic survey ship.



Commander John Storm RN, hails the 'KoolArctic' British Antarctic survey ship from the helm of the Elizabeth Swann. John, Dan and Charley, are adjusting to the sub zero South Pole temperatures, by dressing in warmer gear. John has always been a fan of the famous explorers: Sir Ernest Shackleton and Captain Robert Scott. Unlike Dan and Kitty (John's faithful tabby cat) he loves the breathtaking scenery and bracing cold air. He never thought he'd be a naval attaché for the British Secret Service.








CHAP 7 - The team set up camp onshore and soon the trio locate the excavation site, and find one, then another of the murdered explorers. Charley, Dan, Hal and John don't like this one bit. It reminds them of John Carpenter's, The Thing. A film that every Antarctic explorer has seen.


Using the 'Ark' (a DNA database) Storm uncovers disturbing new evidence to support a theory that dinosaurs were not wiped out by a meteor striking the earth (creating an artificial ice age), but by very efficient hunting animals related to the Vespoidea or Myrmecia Giganticus taxonomic group, part of a long extinct branch of the family Formicidae of the order Hymenoptera - insects in plain speak.


This strain appears to have evolved rapidly by adaptive radiation, or simply because of the abundant food supply - or a combination. From the evidence on site it seems that these deadly animals hunted in packs in significant numbers to overwhelm much larger animals (an example of which may be seen in 6mm army ants overcoming a 40mm bull ant and just about any animal in the jungle that gets in their way).


Charley contacts Suki Hall, explains situation. 


"Hello, Suki Hall here."


"Suki, how are you?"


"All good, what's happening Charley?"


"Well, funny you should say that. We've an unusual problem. We're in Antarctica."


"No. Not you and John. Unusual. What could possibly be unusual in your lives. And, why are you in Antarctica?"


"We've discovered a new species. Giant prehistoric insects."


Charley, that is not new. Large insects are known to have evolved in the Antarctic, and other geographical regions, such as Canada."


"So I hear from John. Up to twelve inches wingspan. But these are enormous, some twelve to fifteen feet in length."


"You are joking. You mean fifteen inches. Right?"


"No, there is a specimen frozen in ice, fifteen feet long. Just to be clear, that is four and a half meters in length."


There was a silence on the other end of the mike. Charley waited, and nothing. She thought she'd lost contact.


"Suki. Suki. Come in Suki."


"Sorry, I'm here Charley, just cannot quite take that in."


"Neither can I Sukes. But it is true, either that or we are all sharing a hallucination. And get this, there are dinosaur bones with chew marks that seem to match the mandible of the insect in the ice."


"No way. Come on, this is a joke Charley. And a really good one." Suki laughed out loud on the other end of the line.


Charley waited, while the laughter subsided.


"Okay Suki, so John says he'll send you a DNA sample, conditionally."


Somewhat disbelieving, Suki agrees to help out. But must have DNA samples. This is to confirm her gut feeling hypothesis, only possible because of the discovery, as to how it was that even the smaller dinosaurs were wiped out. The Royal Navy approach John for help.


John names the Sectasaur ant species: King Kong.










Following the amazing discovery of a clutch of Sectasaur eggs, Lin Po Chang plots to eliminate the competition









CHAPTER 1: US ARKTOS 1838 EXPEDITION - The ice melts at both poles revealing features on the land not seen for thousands of years. A converted Frigate, the US Arktos is discovered at the South Pole locked into melting ice, then freed.

CHAPTER 2: TUNNEL COMPLEX - Discovery of a labyrinth of tunnels beneath the ice, dated by scientists to be many millions of years old, is leaked to Jill Bird, BBC world service, via Sky news and Discovery Channel. Supporting John Cleves Symmes theory of 1818.

CHAPTER 3: GOLD RUSH - Three expeditions launched by competing concerns, Swedish, Multinational & Cathy Carter, backed by the CIA. The third funded by Chinese, Lin Po Chang. Land grab for mineral rights and archaeological exclusivity, prehistoric insect DNA. King Kong.

CHAPTER 4: U.N. CALL FOR JOHN STORM - MI6 and the UN decide to send in John Storm and the Elizabeth Swan. Dan Hawk and Charley Temple speed from the Southern Ocean to the Weddell Sea and there to Deception Island, an extinct volcano.


CHAPTER 5: IT'S MURDER ON THE ICE - Several fatal accidents occur in quick succession, then an egg clutch is discovered in a section of a tunnel. Chang eliminates the remaining opposition. Then nurtures one thawed egg through a simulated incubation.

CHAPTER 6: BOUND FOR ENGLAND - The creature is smuggled aboard Ice Patrol survey vessel 'KoolArctic' bound for England, eats two crew members. Second mate on KoolArctic reports the chaos aboard vessel to the British Admiralty, abandons (scuttles) ship.

CHAPTER 7: BASECAMP - John's team set up camp onshore, locate the excavation site, using the 'Ark' (a DNA database). Storm finds dead explorers & uncovers disturbing new evidence to support theory that dinosaurs were not entirely wiped out by a meteor striking the earth. Suki Hall is contacted, RN approach John.




CHAPTER 8: WHEN DINOSAURS RULED THE EARTH - Confirmed, they lived when dinosaurs ruled the earth. Dinosaurs starve in volcanic/asteroid winter. Sectasaurs have higher tolerance to freezing conditions, eat competition, then hibernate. Suki Hall hypothesis merit worthy, supported scientific community.

CHAPTER 9: WORST FEARS CONFIRMED - From DNA analysis aboard energy depleted Elizabeth Swan, Storm estimates species grew to between 3-5 metres, warm blooded with high tolerance to low temperatures. Team realize danger to humans, alert MOD & CIA to the danger. John made Master & Commander RN.

CHAPTER 10: - ATLANTIC EXPRESS - Storm and crew head to England at high speed, breaking record on hydrofoils. Sectasaur is stowaway on Atlantic Express. Meanwhile Chang has landed in Portsmouth.

CHAPTER 11: HAMPSHIRE - The giant prehistoric animal jumps ship, feeds on New Forest ponies, gaining attention of Hampshire police, relayed to MI6 and thence to John Storm.

CHAPTER 12: BUCKLERS HARD - Storm heads up the Beaulieu River to Bucklers Hard, following pony corpses toward a wooded area near Worts Gutter (Furzey Lane). Storm calls military for backup. Chang heads to Buckler's Hard, and Worts Gutter.

CHAPTER 13: CAT & MOUSE - Storm and Temple play cat and mouse with Sectasaur - when the giant insect came up from behind over the brow of a ravine and knocks Charley nearly unconscious. Storm strikes the creature with an axe, causing partial shock. 




CHAPTER 14: FIRST AID - Charley and John patch creature's wound with antiseptic and bandages. The giant insect feigns immobility. Understands dialogue between John and Charley is not aggressive or threatening, and marks these two humans down as allies.


CHAPTER 15: SECTASAUR RESCUES JOHN - John panics with axe. Creature lashed out in reflex throwing John over a ledge. John at the mercy of creature. The huge insect puts itself at risk to pull John up to safety. Meanwhile government troops, Territorial Army reservists are closing in.

CHAPTER 16: PUZZLING SITUATION - John dusts himself, while magnificent insect cleans itself. John offers hand palm up to the creature. The animal studies with both feelers, tickling him. John's heart pounding, at risk of amputation, enjoying leap of faith. It understands and responds to voice communication.

CHAPTER 17: ALL FRIENDS - Charley joins from bracken and saw the interaction between John and the insect. She proffers her hand, the prehistoric insect smelled her all over with its antennae. Charley giggled at the friendly touch. Temple shot in arm by troops, insect in head. Chang witnesses interchange.

CHAPTER 18: HOSTILE FIRE - Troops fire wounding animal. John & Charley both leap in front of insect yelling to stop firing, but Charley is shot in the arm and screams. The giant insect moves to protect them both from the gunfire, taking more hits and another to the head. It collapsed, feelers limp. Dead. Gone.

CHAPTER 19: ATTACK SUBSIDES - John and Charley shout as loud as they can, stopping firing. They reach insect. They raised its feelers, Charley and John take one each, and the trio embraced for a minute, its antennae were limp - there was no reviving it - tears, anger - it was gone. J&C in shock for a moment.


CHAPTER 20: NO REMORSE - John & Charley anger welling up inside, tears gave way to action. A rhinoceros soldier is delighted at kill. "Yes," cried the soldier. "Yes," said John, punching the trigger happy fool out. Up to that point other military thought they had saved their lives. Chang is devastated at loss.

CHAPTER 21: EPILOGUE & DEBRIEFING - John files a report with the United Nations and MI6, advising of a great loss to science. Keep watching brief for any repeats, finds, missing links, etc. Watching brief with increased security, military conflicts. Further investigations needed. Chang vows to return to Antarctica.










See draft scripts for 'KULO-LUNA'  and 'CLEOPATRA'S MUMMY.' Other John Storm adventures (under development) include: 'OPERATION NEPTUNE,' 'THE HOLY COMPASS,' and TREASURE ISLAND - BLACKBEARD'S CURSE & PIRATES GOLD. Development order is subject to viewer polls and other third party interest.


Another title, using the same special effects artwork as Sectasaur™ is JIMMY WATSON'S MAGIC DINOBOT. This is a children's Christmas story. Far removed from high seas adventures.













The artwork is also suitable for use in "Jimmy Watson's Magic Dinobot." A proposed network TV serialization, about boy who saves his paper round money to buy himself a robot for Christmas. Then, when assembled, it come to life, to become his friend. ARTWORK - Somewhat better than the huge ants in "Them," but perhaps not as good as the CGI in Antman. Now a museum exhibit in Sussex, England. The artwork is based on an Australian Bulldog ant.













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